Shooting on board an aircraft (Lighting)

How to light a photograph on board a jumbo jet.

The brief for this shoot was to create fresh lifestyle images of models on board the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the aircraft needed to look like it was in flight at 33000ft, when it was actually in a parking space off the main runway at London Stanstead airport.

So to over come this issue we decided to light  our models using a single small bowens flash head on a long light stand shooting through the windows from the outside of the plane  onto our subjects.  This created just enough lens flare to make it feel like bright sun light.  I decided not to use any lights inside the aircraft but instead compensated by using a 1.2 aperture on my 50mm prime lens, this created a soft and warm atmosphere within the cabin as well as blowing the exposures on the windows, thus hiding the huge grey hanger doors and bleak November day out side.


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