Personal project shooting fighter jets at RAF Lossiemouth.

A few months ago I was commissioned to shoot fighter jet pilots in France for the luxury watch brand Bell & Ross. One of the British Tornado pilots I shot kindly invited me up to his home base of RAF Lossiemouth where I could shoot more aircraft and hardware.  It was an incredible privilege to get so close to these amazing machines, even standing on the end of the runway as they took off and landed.  It was great to shoot simply for the pleasure of it, not working to a brief but simply photographing what catches your eye is such a creatively liberating experience.

Below are a few frames from the day.


IMG_0334_1 IMG_0333 _02A2674 _02A2670 _02A2666 _02A2656 _02A2655 _02A2623 _02A2617 _02A2601 _02A2455_1 _02A2454 _02A2450 _02A2449 _02A2445 _02A2432 _02A2370


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